The 3 Lens Model helps guide our selling strategy.

Brand: We uncover the brand traits that really speak to shoppers and consumers.

Shopper: We understand who the specific shopper is, and why they buy what they buy.

Retailer: We assess the retailer’s motivations and unique preferences.


We apply the art of Disruption® to ask better questions, challenge conventional wisdom, and overturn assumptions that get in the way of imagining new possibilities.

Shopper Continuum®

Expertise in today’s retail landscape is more than connecting point A to point B.

We use the Shopper Continuum® to understand the journey and drive shoppers from consideration (Pre-Tail®) to purchase (Retail) to advocacy (Post-Tail®).

Commerce Experience®

From living to looking to buying.

Commerce Experience® Design intentionally borrows from UX Design as a practice designed to remove barriers in order to accelerate the rate at which consumers move from awareness to transaction.

Using proprietary data, the process illuminates the most effective and efficient ways to drive shopper conversion within an “omnichannel” landscape.

Retailer IntelTM

All those smarts need to be harnessed somewhere.

Our dedicated knowledge base offers the deepest understanding of retailers and their needs.