Will New Trick-or-Treat Rituals Crush Candy?

Halloween is just around the corner and retail is fully stocked for shoppers with candy, costumes, and decor. Shoppers may still be on the hunt for these items, but they are also on the hunt for ideas on how to reinvent or reimagine their favorite Halloween traditions in a COVID-19 world.

Given social distancing and COVID concerns, 73% of shopper anticipate that they will celebrate Halloween differently this year (40% anticipating it will be very different). While it might look different, 70% of millennial moms are planning to make “the most” of Halloween with their families. But what does Halloween look like when you can’t always knock on a stranger’s door? Some people are getting inventive.

Amid fear and uncertainty, people are finding the fun in the situation and getting crafty. One man in Ohio developed a chute for his outside railing to deliver candy to trick-or-treaters from a distance. While others are planning to create single serve candy dishes or create a “graveyard” of candy on sticks that kids can pick up for themselves.

While these reimagined rituals still need candy, costumes, and spooky decor, 49% of shoppers feel they will spend less this Halloween. Candy in particular may see a big hit as only 48% of shoppers expect to buy candy to hand out (vs. 64% last year) and only 25% of people are certain at this point in time that they will trick-or-treat.

If we have learned anything in the past few months, it’s the the only certainty is uncertainty, which is difficult for marketers. But we have also learned that our culture is still in tact and that while things are different we still crave the comforts of rituals like Halloween and Halloween candy. Whether it’s to hand out, enjoy with close friends, or with a movie, candy will still play a role in our hearts and shopping baskets this season (just perhaps a little smaller).

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Insight & Strategy, Denver

Image Source: Unsplash