Why We Forget and Why It Matters

The mind is a memory bank and it’s under attack. Today, there are countless brands and messages in hundreds of categories all vying for a place in the consumers mind. Unfortunately, there’s only a finite number of brands we can store away in that memory bank. In fact, that number tends to be around seven according to researchers Al Reis and Jack Trout, authors of the book ‘Positioning: The Battle For The Mind‘.

In order to make room for fresh information, its become part of our human nature to forget. We seek out new experiences and crave undiscovered adventures all in the hopes of carving out another sliver of meaning and attaching it to our being.

But, with more products on the shelves (and in the digital space) than ever before, it’s important to continuously keep our brands top-of-mind. To learn more about the psychology of why forgetting is a necessity, click here to read a fascinating article from NPR called ‘Think Remembering Is Always Best? Forget About It!’