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Why People Don’t Play Your Promotion

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The number one answer is they aren’t even aware of it.

Many cool promotions with big prizes end up with just a few hundred participants, even with millions spent on promoting the promotion. This is a terrible ROI.

One cure is to do one thing and stick to it. Year after year. Then awareness isn’t a problem. And ‘news’ comes from updating the promotion or kicking it off again. It’s like compound interest.

Case in point: McDonald’s Monopoly is a “stodgy” 24 years old. It’s been played by over a hundred million people in over 10 countries. And it’s become a tradition. Traditions, you might recall, are pretty sticky for humans. This puts McDonald’s Monopoly in the company of Valentine’s Day, Opening Day in baseball, the Macy’s Day Parade, and the Super Bowl. Not bad for a consumer promotion.

Updates to keep it fresh include new prizes, new partners (Snapfish andamp; Redbox) and new features (recent winners are posted on their Facebook page).

What promotions do you have that you could repeat with a little update? What would that do to awareness levels? How much money would it save you? How much more shopper participation would you get?

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