Who’s Spending and Who’s Winning This Holiday Season? [NEW Report]

The holidays are a joyful and stressful time of year for shoppers and retailers alike. While shoppers are looking to please those on their gift list, retailers are trying to please shoppers. But which shoppers are going to be the big spenders this holiday season?

According to the 2014 Holiday Edition of The Checkout, couples will be the big spenders. Married couples or those living with a partner indicate that they will be spending upwards of $744 this holiday season.As shoppers couple up they are likely to have a larger network of family and friends, which means more gatherings, more food, more gift giving, and more shopping occasions.

Spending also rises as one ages (and is more apt to be coupled). How can retailers win with these big spending holiday shoppers? This year’s holiday edition of The Checkout details who’s spending, where they are shopping (and for what) and what offers they are seeking.

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