Who’s Hungry?

From a macro point of view we know that we feel good when we purchase a product that helps contribute to a cause. From Susan G. Komen to (PRODUCT) RED, a lot of marketing support is put behind these efforts to make us aware and encourage us to purchase these products.

From an in-store perspective I think this is one of the best executions I’ve ever seen. Leo Burnett Canada and Campbell’s soup teamed together in the grocery channel for local foodbanks. Here is a description of the program from directdaily:

In a grocery store 4,820 can
s of Campbell’s Soup were used to build an installation piece that spelled HUNGER. Signage beside the piece encouraged shoppers to buy one and donate it to their local food bank. As shoppers bought cans from the display the word HUNGER slowly disappeared. This allowed people to see how their individual effort could help bring an end to the problem of hunger.

This example works on a variety of levels, it 1) increases sales of Campbell’s products 2) supports a great cause 3) provides a visual example of the difference one person can make.

– Contributed by Todd Cameron