Who Are You Talking To?

Think about all the shoppers you want to reach. Are they all the same?

Sure, lots will fall into a socio-economic bucket or age group. But within that group are different races, abilities, first languages, backgrounds, sexual orientation, the list goes on. To speak effectively, true understanding is key.

Having attended the 3% Movement “Beyond Gender” conference in New York this month, it’s more top of mind than ever. The solutions presented were not earth shattering, but they were eye-opening.

The big takeaway for shopper marketing: Speak authentically. Shoppers can sniff “fake” a mile away. They need to feel that you “get” them. Only when they relate to your product or service do you earn their purchase. And of course, the ultimate goal, their loyalty.

Ask yourself if your communications are reflecting the world as it is, or as you know it. We tend to surround ourselves with those like us. Talk like us. Think like us. As a result, we approve advertising that appeals to us, not necessarily our target. It’s a habit we need to consciously break.

So, before you approve that next ad, ask yourself. Who is this speaking to? Me or my shopper?

Contributed By:Molly McLaren, Integer Dallas

Image Source: 3 Percent Conf Instagram