White Paper: Digital Innovations Bring New Magic to Storefronts

By shifting the balance of power to connected consumers, digital innovation has changed retail forever. Far beyond the simple power to purchase, today’s shoppers can take advantage of the convenience of smartphones and the flexibility of online retailers to decide when, where and how they will transact, even going so far as to customize the merchandise itself.
In view of digital’s rise, what attracts a customerto a physical store today? This question represents agame-changing opportunity for traditional retailers.Stores still offer several advantages that can now be leveraged to turn a shopping trip into an experience by introducing digital innovations.
To read more aboutthe changing retail landscape and how digital can impact the shopping experienceclick here to download the white paper written by Integer’sRebecca Walt, VP andamp; Director of Digital at Retail,published in the January/February issue ofThe Hub Magazine (orfind it on page 32 of the fulldigital magazine.)
Photo Source:courtesy of adidas, WiSh Technology