Which Shoppers Put Their Green Where Their Mouth Is?

While college-aged consumers may be expected to quickly to embrace the ever-changing trends of eco-concerns, they aren’t necessarily willing to pay to back it up. In fact, 35-44-year-olds are the age group with the largest segment willing to pay for environmentally friendly products. Whether this is because of higher incomes or children in the house that make them think more about the future, is unclear. What we do know is that nearly 1 in 4 are willing to pay to save the environment. Also intriguing is a higher eco-consciousness amongst the 55+ set compared to younger generations. They could be empty-nesters with more disposable income who look at the future with a different perspective than younger Americans or; potentially for some, having grandchildren could give them a renewed sense of consciousness. Whatever the reason, for marketers playing in the Green arena, it’s become apparent that the appeal of environmental friendly products has reached across multiple generations.

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