When Does Holiday Shopping Kick into High Gear?

Thanksgiving weekend, including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, is considered to be a high sales period. But, in reality, many shoppers are waiting until after the dust settles from Thanksgiving dinner to do the majority of their holiday shopping.

According to the recent Holiday Edition of The Checkout, 51% of shoppers do most of their holiday shopping during the month of December—post Cyber Monday. As much as shoppers attempt to plan and shop before, December is crunch time, and that’s when shopping peaks.

Who are December’s biggest shoppers?

A few groups stand out.

  • Male shoppers: approximately 55% of men do most of their shopping compared to 47% of women.
  • Older shoppers: 53% of shoppers 50-64 years old and 65% of shoppers over 65 years old to most of their shopping December compared to just 44% of shoppers under 50.
  • Caucasian shoppers: 57% of white shoppers do most of their shopping in December compared to 40% of African American, 44% of Hispanic and 26% of Asian shoppers.

To learn more about shopping habits for the holidays, download the Holiday Edition of The Checkout here.