When Celebrities and Brands Collide

Most shoppers love celebrities and therefore most retailers love celebrities. For years retailers have been bringing big names in store to entice shoppers, drive traffic and sales–Target brought in the Gaines of Fixer Upper for Christmas 2017, Guess is featuring Jennifer Lopez in store windows for the Spring 2018 line, and PetSmart has a line by Ellen DeGeneres. But celebrity/brand collaborations are evolving and recently we’ve seen celebrities take brands out of retail and into their world.

For example, Kid Kith made a line of Captain Crunch street wear and with the release of Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake is not only selling music, he’s also selling merchandise in his very own pop-up. Beyond his Man of the Woods hoodies and tees and a new pair of Air Jordans, Timberlake will be opening a pop-up shop on February 9th in New York for Man of the Woods. Unlike typical concert schwag, this pop-up shop will feature menswear collaborations including Man of the Woods Warby Parker glasses, Moleskin notebooks, Yeti coolers andLevi’s x Pendleton apparel that reflect the vibe and mood of the new album.

These types of activations further demonstrates how shopping and shoppers are interwoven with culture even more in 2018. And the fact that you can shop anywhere and anytime allows brands to have new opportunities even within age old strategies, like celebrity partnerships.

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Integer Denver

Image Source: Instagram