What Role Should Retailers and Brands Play in Social Media?

Though the social web is an ever-evolving, complex space for brands and retailers to play; there are some guidelines for success.The Integer Group, in partnership with the North American Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, recently released the final two parts of its series Untangling the Social Web. These final parts offer step-by-step tips for creating social media strategy for external communications (Part 6) and internal operations (Part 7).

Though internal and external strategies have their differences, the study indicates that both require a brand or retailer to truly understand their social role—that sweet spot where their own values and the values of their connections intersect. After all, the social web is a place that thrives on two-way dialogue. What’s your contribution to the conversation?

Download Part 6 or Part 7 to read more about how to define your own social role as well as how to activate it in the social web.