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What Motivates Shoppers during Back-to-School Shopping?

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Enticing shoppers requires learning what motivates them when they’re Back-to-School shopping. This year, by no surprise, “lowest price” is the overwhelming driver, with 76 percent of shoppers placing importance on value. However, secondary drivers paint an interesting picture of the differentiating shopping experiences retailers and brands can offer. 55 percent of shoppers also placed importance on “finding quality products” and “spending least time shopping.” While price is clearly important, more than half of shoppers won’t sacrifice a certain amount of convenience in order to provide their children with high-quality products. How can brands and retailers use this knowledge to adjust the value proposition they offer during these high-stress shopping seasons?

For more Back-to-School data and behavior, click here to download the The Checkout – Issue 6.10.

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