What is a Brand’s Biggest Responsibility to its Consumer: A Roundtable Discussion in The Hub

Trust is the key to any great relationship. However, it is harder than ever to gain trust because consumer needs and desires are changing faster than ever. Brands must have a deep understanding of consumer needs. Ultimately, however, a brand’s responsibility is to deliver on its promise. Whatever the brand says to its consumers that it stands for — whatever it said to its consumers that it’s going to deliver — it must deliver. It has to ‘walk the talk’ in today’s environment, every minute of every day.A Roundtable in the March/April issue of The Hub discusses this topic further.

In this Roundtable entitled Ties That Bind, Leontyne Green Sykes, marketing officer for Ikea U.S., Steve Shannon, VP of Marketing for Hyundai Motor America, John Frascotti, global CMO for Hasbro, Chris Brull, head of marketing at Kawasaki Motors and Mike Sweeney, CEO of The Integer Group all discuss the importance of a brand’s responsibility to its consumer. They also discuss the most effective way to communicate a brand’s responsibility, the biggest challenge to a brand’s reputation and conflicts between brand responsibility and the bottom line. Click here to download the full roundtable discussion.