What if the Most Unbelievable Experience Was Reality?

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality… Technologies are being multiplied with one common promise: to help us live enhanced experiences.

Virtual experiences can be highly beneficial in many ways. For example, they can help cultivate untapped imaginary territories, provide immersive learning experiences, or simply provide a new dimension of entertainment. These experiences are dependent, however, on fictional devices that are limited by time and space. The technological equipment and materials needed to provide a virtual experience are physical obstacles in the way of total immersion. And the cost of such deployments as well as ensuring these technologies are accessible to a wider audience can further complicate matters. Due to this, some brands and retailers are shifting their strategies by proposing exclusive experiences of real… reality! Below are a few experiences.

When reality comes from fiction:

Airbnb is brand well-known for its tremendous imagination when it comes to creating stunning home-stay experiences for their customers. The brand offers one-of-a-kind experiences like “The Great Escape Lakeside Retreat.” This Florida getaway has thirteen rooms, all designed with a game theme—video games and board games. Therefore, it is possible to sleep in a Pacman universe, play an escape game inspired by Clue, and explore a maze filled with lasers.

By reproducing, interpreting, and giving life to fictional universes that are known by everyone, Airbnb pushes the boundaries of fiction. This house dedicated to games is attractive to a wide audience because it offers the possibility to live inside imaginary worlds and to immerse oneself in environments and characters that have seduced many generations.

Money can’t buy experiences:

BigCityBeats is an agency the specializes in planning original events through unique and memorable experiences. For example, their upcoming event, “World Club Dome Zero Gravity,” will be the first party hosted in zero gravity! Aboard an A310 aircraft—generally used by European astronauts—twenty people will have the chance to dance to Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren’s sets.

The sensation of zero gravity has often been discussed in songs, movies, books, and of course, virtual-reality experiences, but with this event, BigCityBeats is making zero gravity a reality for lucky partygoers.

How far will virtual reality go?

Maybe it’s a reaction to technological innovations or the pressure from social media to live visually stunning lives, but the race for brands and retailers to provide wonderment might be proof that shoppers are becoming more accustomed to expecting extreme entertainment.

By providing immersive artificial simulations, brands and retailers can provide imaginary ways for shoppers to experience unprecedented situations. But, in the end, perhaps the most outstanding experience we can offer is reality itself.

Contributed By:Jeanne Le Barbenchon, Integer Paris

Image Source: The Verge