What Does 2017 Have In Store?

2016 was an epic year filled with twists and turns. But what will 2017 have in store for us? While the future is never certain, there are a few trends I expect to continue to grow and evolve with regards to Shopper Marketing and the retail environment in the coming year. Here are a few in particular:

— Checkout Shortcuts:From the growth of store pick-up to Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go app to Amazon Go there seems to be no slowing down when it comes to services that help shoppers make transactions without waiting in line. It will be important for brands to understand how this affects shopper decisions and how to work with it to their benefit.

— Selfieless-ness:While cause marketing has been around for decades, social media is transforming it, making participation the currency for donations vs. purchase. Brands including Hienz, Naked and Unilever are asking shoppers to post a selfie to donate to the cause. This new method not only appeases people’s desire for recognition but can provide PR and social media buzz for brands.

— Stunt Food: It seems that there is bound to be some crazy concoctions in 2017. While 2016 brought us Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos and the Paqui one chip challenge there is no knowing what 2017 will hold. While these foods are not for everyone, it’s product innovation that grab headlines and gets shoppers talking about brands and companies. Sometimes, getting this mindshare and buzz is more valuable than selling the innovation

Image Source: The Verge