Welcome To The Quiet Store At Selfridges

Have you ever gone to a store and
after 5 minutes escaped from it because of the noisy atmosphere? I am sure it has
happened to you at least once. I remember the first time I visited the
Abercrombie and Fitch flagship store in Paris. The music was so loud that my survival
instinct pushed me immediately out of the store. In a world where we are
constantly over stimulated by images and sounds, we all have felt at some point
a feeling of saturation and overdose. Quiet… Silence!

In January 2013, Selfridges launched the No Noise initiative that includes a silent room, a
tranquil lounge space inside which visitors are asked not tobring their shoes
or mobile devices, and also a quiet shop with a very minimalistic atmosphere
without branded signage and promotional material where shoppers can purchase
de-branded luxury goods. Sometimes to touch shoppers’ hearts and wallets, brands
and retailers do not have to shout and over stimulate shoppers. They sometimes
just need to whisper.