Weening Shoppers Off Plastic

Culture continues to demand more sustainable practices from businesses—and the London Marathon took note. To achieve the ambitious goal of being the most sustainable marathon ever held, participants of this year’s London Marathon could refresh and refuel without leaving a trace. The event partnered with Ooho, a plant based, biodegradable packaging solution, handing out 30,000 pods of water that could either be consumed or thrown away.

Proactive efforts like this are showing that the war on plastic is slowly picking up pace. Shoppers demand met with retailer proactiveness means more and more shoppers will have to ween off their plastic need. For example, retailers like Tesco and Asda are cutting packaging from vegetable aisles, and brands like Adidas and Evian are committing to only use recycled plastic.

But as Gordon’s already exemplified with their edible straws, merely reducing plastic waste won’t be enough in the long run. It’s no longer about shopper preference, but also a larger global need. Brands need to start thinking about how to remove it completely. To achieve true sustainability, the question of the future needs to be: How can we leave no trace?

Contributed by: Lukas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash