Virtual Reality is Becoming a Consumer Reality

The highly anticipated Oculus Rift was officially released for pre-order this morning. The virtual reality headset is priced at $599 and will begin shipping in March of this year.

While this new gadget is largely purposed for gamers, its release also signifies that virtual reality is going mainstream. As the headset continues to gain momentum with larger audiences, it could very well become a popular tool for retailers to engage with their shoppers.

A few brands have already successfully experimented with virtual reality in the past year—Rebecca Minkoff brought fashion enthusiasts to the runway with a cardboard, DIY assembly headset and Dior created a similar experience with it’s own headset, bringing customers into an immersive backstage scenario. Other companies like digital coupon provider, Retale, are also getting in the mix and syncing withVR to allow shoppers to virtually shop the aisle.

Although virtual reality has been on the radar for some time now, the introduction of the Oculus Rift will undoubtedly spur inspiration for marketers to innovate at retail in the coming year.

Photo Source: WIRED