Virtual Pinboards Take Asia by Storm

In recent months, Pinterest has emerged as the fastest growing social network not only in the U.S. but Asia as well. Though Singapore and other other Asian countries account for andlt;1% of traffic, volume has grown over 800% in Singapore since 2011 (Experian Hitwise).

Renren, China’s largest Facebook-like social network, has also launched a social pinboard mechanism called Renren Plaza, which adds in an e-commerce component. Most “pins” have a ‘go buy in the store’ link that takes viewers directly to the site where the product is available for purchase online.

While the role of sales is clear on Renren Plaza, all virtual pinboard sites offer unique opportunities for brands by providing consumers with a new visual forum to share product recommendations and ideas. One way for brands to leverage this platform is to curate and provide consumers constant snippets of inspiration. One great example is Whole Foods Market, which continuously feeds timely, relevant content onto its Pinterest board in the form of images and culinary ideas. How is your favorite brand visually inspiring you?

Photo Sourced from: Yahoo Finance Singapore

Contributed by Integer Singapore