Vending recycled

We have a fantastic emporium near our offices that is a veritable treasure trove of design goodies. Called Composition, they are our local source of Moleskin notebooks and retail all sorts of interesting bags, books, jewelry, gadgets, household and office goods. They also do a lot with products made with recycled materials, and they currently have a recycled vending machine that is carrying products made from recycled materials. You drop a nickel in the slot to open the door of your choice and look at the product – want to see another one? Drop another nickel in the slot.

It’s a great use of an old machine and is a really engaging and interesting way to display unexpected products. We love the sense of discovery and adventure they present as a brand to their customers, and how that makes us all want to go back in to see what we might discover this time. There are lessons for big brands here on how to present and engage with their audience in interesting ways. What could your brand do to reuse a discarded something as part of its story? Or bring a greater sense of discovery to what it offers to its audience?