Urban Köttbullar

IKEA is currently testing food delivery in Paris. While not many details about the trial are known, it is clear that IKEA—the self-proclaimed ‘sixth largest food chain in the world’— is shifting its product and services offerings to address the needs of today’s growing urban population.

In addition to food delivery, IKEA unveiled a robotic furniture solution called Rognan earlier this month. Developed specifically for small-space living the system automatically reconfigures from a living room, to a storage room or a sleeping area with the push of a button.

Finally, in order to address consumers’ increasingly fluid lifestyles wherein ownership is regarded as a tie that impedes free movement, IKEA is also testing furniture subscriptions, making it the first mass-market household brand to offer such a service.

With these new products and services IKEA shows that for a brand to succeed in today’s world, it will need to evolve and adapt its products, services and business model to align with shoppers’ changing lives.

Contributed By: Marta Formenton

Image Source: Unsplash.com