Upcoming PRISM Panel Discussion

We are looking forward to some interesting dialogue around PRISM at this year’s ISMI Expo in Chicago next month. (If you don’t know PRISM, click here). Earlier this month, the In-Store Marketing Institute began soliciting questions from the industry which will guide a panel discussion at this year’s event. The panel will be comprised of :

Over the last year, as Integer has participated in the PRISM consortium, we have definitely formed our own opinions on how this tool will impact our business. It will be interesting to get a gauge on thoughts and considerations from the rest of the industry. Particularly interesting is the mix of perspectives, hearing from manufacturers, retailers and agencies.

What will be the level of adoption amongst different key players? What does this really mean for traditional media planning vs retail planning? How will third party data around store traffic and compliance influence conversations between manufacturers and retailers?

Really hoping for some intriguing discussion.