Unwrap the Holidays

Every year, brands, retailers and shoppers look forward to planning and prepping to make the holidays memorable. Because it’s the perfect time to start planning for your Christmas future, we’re sharing this Christmas present with you now.

In 2013, the three trends you’re seeing are GLAMOUR (you can thank The Great Gatsby for this); ALCHEMY (the desire for transformation is stronger than ever); and TUNDRA (all things naturally icy). Get out and go shopping to see how much décor, design and even gifts you’ll find that fit within these inspirational starting points.

For 2014, look for these trends driving retail merchandising as well as product design:

  • Broque (asumptuous mix of opulence, heraldry and excessive decoration)
  • Rural lands (folkloric blend of simple geometric patterns and floral motifs)
  • Wrapped (curved, undulating lines and iridescent finishes)

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Source: Stylus