Unique Commerce: Traffic Jam Transactions

Traffic is never really thought of as a good thing, unless you are a ‘entreprenuer’ in Managua, Nicaragua. On a recent trip there I noticed just how many locals were meandering between cars selling window-washing services, fruit and nuts to those stalled in traffic jams. And after a long plane ride I was pleased to buy some reasonably priced, freshly roasted cashews.

Managua is not the only traffic ridden city where local are capitalizing these unique commerce opportunities. NPR reported on Jakarta’s ‘gridlock economy’ highlighting some interesting services for sale including personal traffic ‘cops’ and carpool ‘aides’ that basically means a woman and her infant hop in the car with you so you can ride in the carpool lane.

These locals prove that sometimes the best way to connect with shoppers (and make sales) is to go to them and deliver goods and services that are most relevant in that context. They are truly thinking shopper first.