Unexpected Treats on Valentine’s Day Help Brands Win With Shoppers

Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday. Some people love it and others hate it—and because it is often thought of as a Hallmark holiday, it can be tough for brands to make an authentic impact and connect with shoppers.

I personally adore the day because it reminds me to pause and take a moment to recognize the people in my life and do even the smallest of gestures to show how much they mean to me. I have noticed in the past few years that many brands feel the same way and are opting to do little gestures of love vs. sales driven programs.

While on a layover this past Valentine’s Day,I was delighted to get an unexpected valentine from La Brea. Cards placed throughout the cafe offered flyers/diners 15% off food and beverage just becuase it was Valentine’s Day. This unexpected treat made my day and also made me love La Brea. Southwest Airlines did a similar Valentine’s Day gesture sending coupons to frequent flyers.

Sometimes, it’s important for people and brands to stop and smell the roses—and show people we care. The littlest gestures can make a huge impact.

Photo Source: Integer ShopPicTM Library