Unexpected Retail is Helping “Keep Denver Beard”

Denver is known for many things—the Broncos, its skiing (though it is 2 hrs away), and recently its legal marijuana shops. But that’s not the only unique retail experiences you will find in Denver.

At my local coffee shop, filled with plaid-wearing, bearded men and outdoorsy-chic women, I noticed a peculiar looking vending machine. Covered in wood and equipped with a tablet and credit card payment system, the vending machine was actually filled with local Denver and Colorado goods. It had a bit of everything from ‘Keep Denver Beard’ stickers to wooden iPhone cases, Colorado flag wallets, earrings and hemp bars.

These items help Denverites showcase their regional pride and stay a little weird despite the ever-increasing global and mass retail market. This type of retail activity is happening in other cities as well. What have you seen around the country?

Photo Source: Integer ShopPicTM Library