Understanding The Complex Shopper

The Complex Shopper™ Study is an annual research and analysis project undertaken by The Integer Group to reveal the motivations that drive the considered purchase process – those infrequent, big-ticket items ranging in price from $100s to $1000s.

This week, we are launching the results of the initial study conducted in partnership with Decision Analyst. It reveals the complex motivations that drive shoppers during a considered purchase decision, such as shopping for furniture and automobiles. Not only does it uncover the reasons why shoppers buy, it also identifies how they think about – and interact with – the chosen company after the purchase.

In addition, it unveils four profiles of shopper behaviors, from the nervous “Fretting Frugal” to the daring and sharing “Social Adventurer,” among others. During the next year, we’ll unveil new looks at the study in The Complex Shopper section of shopperculture.com and we invite you to visit frequently to take a look at what’s new.

Step inside the mind of The Complex Shopper … and discover why shoppers buy. To review the initial results, click here for the download.