Trolls Take Over

A new movie. A new song. And of course, new toys. Movie partnerships continue to be a huge opportunity for brands and retailers alike. There has been lots of buzz in the preceding months for Dreamworks’ Trolls movie, featuring stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. The return the big screen ignites a lot of enthusiasm from today’s kids as well as nice feelings of nostalgia for adults, too. How are retailers capitalizing on what is speculated to be the biggest success from Dreamworks since Shrek?

Macy’s is featuring a fashion line inspired by the movie through a collaboration with designer Betsey Johnson as well as other movie-themed merchandise. They are also leveraging the movie hashtag, #gethappy, in their mobile and digital communications to tap intoTrolls mania.

Mass retailers like Target are also leveraging the movie buzz to create a total store merchandising event with everything from home decor, clothing, toys, and even bicycles. Target is also featuring exclusive Trolls items which creates greater demand for shoppers looking to buy officially licensed merchandise.

How can you tap into this limited time excitement?

Image Source: Integer ShopPicTM