Tracking emotions? Really?

Revealed at the last CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Sentio’ s emotional tracker, called “Feel” is wearable tech that is supposed to help wearers keep track of their emotional wellbeing and make recommendations. The objective of “Feel” is “Hack Happiness.” Throughout the day, “Feel” gives advices on healthy habits that promote happiness and positive feelings. This type of device raises several questions. Do we need to track our emotions? Do we need a device that tells us that we are under too much stress or that we didn’t get enough exercise? Do we need a device to understand how we feel? It is part of our journey as human beings to cultivate the awareness of how we feel.

“Feel” assumes that our everyday objective is happiness, and secondly, it reduces the pursuit of happiness to actions such as “laugh more” or “be more active” or “meditate”. Yes, these recommendations are healthy, but it sounds a bit simplistic, no? How can a device track the complexity of human emotions and psyche? At the price of $200, will this device be really believable to shoppers?

Let us know your thoughts!

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