Top 10 Retailers Ranked for Best Coupons

In the latest issue of The Checkout: Coupons Report, shoppers rank brands and retailers that have the best coupons.Last year, Bed Bath & Beyond took the no. 1 spot, with the retailer hanging its hat on the frequent distribution of high-face-value coupons to their existing customer base via direct mail, where the likelihood to return to the store is high.

Fast forward to today, after cutting direct-mail spending this past year, Bed Bath & Beyond fell to no. 9 on the list. Meanwhile, JCPenney managed to jump from 15 last year to no. 3. While Bed Bath & Beyond may have dropped the ball with couponing, JCPenney breathed life into its retail brand with the launch of a niche campaign targeting hispanic shoppers with the message of affordable fashion, resulting in the halo effect of general value and savings.

For more coupon data, you can click here to download the latest edition of The Checkout.

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