Timing Is Everything

PHD released a study that says, among other things, that women feel the prettiest on Thursdays, between noon and 3pm. The study also looks at times of the week and moments in life when women feel the least attractive or vulnerable. All of this suggest how marketing messages – online, on TV, or in store – can be tailored for each of those moments to make them most effective, e.g. by focusing on beauty fixes or celebrating the beauty.

You get the idea… But this same thinking must be applicable to other categories as well. Just think about what your brand/product helps achieve (tangible or emotional benefits), and figure out the “ups and downs” in your target shopper’s life. When and where is the right touch moment? Are people more inclined to decide that they need healthy breakfast at 4:30 on Monday? Is the idea born during Thursday night football that I will need a 24-pack of high energy beer for the Saturday game? Where else have you seen smart timing of marketing messages like this?