Three Things to Watch in Shopper Marketing for 2013

Happy New Year from all of us at! There’s a lot to be excited about in 2013. And the momentum behind shopper marketing continues to grow. Here are three things we’re keeping our eyes on this year.
  1. SophisticatedData Sharing and Usage.As retailers and brands get smarter about collecting shopper data and using it to create a more personal experience, shoppers are still reluctant to give up their personal information without knowing they’re getting something in return. Even in this age, shoppers are still protective of their privacy and becoming more discerning about what they share on their social networks. In 2013, we’re interested in seeing how retailers and brands will use data to achieve greater shopper loyalty and compromise with shoppers on sharing data in exchange for reward.
  2. Mobile Domination.Now that smartphones have outsold PCs and even feature phones, shoppers are more dependent than ever on their mobile devices, which means that these will continue to be an integral part of shopping experiences. As shoppers get more familiar with Passbook, expect marketers to continue with mobile efforts. This year, look for shoppers to accomplish even more on these devices and expect to see tablets play a greater role, especially as a preferred device for shopping activities.
  3. Social Shopping. In 2012we saw social media and ecommerce evolve together in many unique ways, and we only expect that to increase in 2013. The growth of sites like Fancy and OpenSky and the social integration of other shopping sites like Gilt and Fab prove that engagement with social media fuels ecommerce transactions and that shoppers remain reliant on opinions of those in their social networks to help make purchase decision.

What’s on your shopper marketing radar for 2013?