This 4th of July, It’s All About the Red, White, and Blue

Happy Fourth of July! This year, America will be more red, white, and blue than ever before. Consumers will showoff their patriotism with themed clothing and products alongside traditional celebrations like BBQs and fireworks.

According to the National Retail Federation, 214 million Americans will celebrate the U.S.A.’s birthday and will spend $6.8 billion, up 1.4% from last year. The majority will celebrate with time-tested traditions like cookouts, BBQs, and picnics (64.5%) and fireworks (42.6%).

America is back in style, as more Americans will wear their red, white, and blue proudly to show off their patriotism. Two-thirds of Americans own a U.S. flag, half own a patriotic t-shirt, one-third own patriotic decorations, and, if they don’t, almost 25% will purchase patriotic gear for the holiday ( According to online retailer, Shinesty, sales of patriotic clothing are up 500% this year (

With the 4th of July, the Olympics, and the election all happening in the span of a couple months, brands are packing in the patriotism with red, white, and blue themed packaging. Brands like Hershey’s, Skittles, M&Ms, Smirnoff, Coca-Cola and Budweiser are tabling their traditional looks for patriotic makeovers. For the first time in its 122-year history, Hershey’s is giving up its classic silver and brown for a red, white, and blue logo. In addition, Coke is extending its “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign with an American flag themed can and the lyrics “I’m proud to be an American.”

With patriotic events and the future of the country on top of everyone’s mind, these patriotic brands tie into consumer’s desire to express their patriotism and pride. Red, white, and blue packaging pulls at the heart strings and creates buzz. But, is it enough to break the tie at shelf?

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