Thinking, Feeling, Doing

Shopper marketing revolves around shopper insights. Obvious, right? But what shoppers say is often not what they do. How do you go beyond the surface to better understand what’s motivating their behavior? Capture what’s in their heads, hearts and hands. Ask yourselves: What are they thinking (heads) at all stages of the purchase path? How do they feel (heart) about shopping, the store experience, the brand and the product? Finally, what do they walk out with (in their hands)?

Sometimes creating a life-size visual of your body of knowledge helps your team quickly see what makes your shoppers tick. Flesh them out with images and words that convey what they think, feel and do with your brand, product or service. Even give them a name — it humanizes them beyond their demographics to improve your ability to identify individual shopper insights. Here’s an example of leveraging that body of knowledge into a dynamic shopping marketing program.

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