The Ultimate Showdown: Big Game vs. Valentine’s Day

This year marks an unprecedented occasion—Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day fall just a day apart. While this is stirring up a lot of emotion online, can consumers really get the best of both worlds? Or will one win out?

Let’s look at the facts. By the numbers, the Super Bowl may have the advantage. With more than 184M adults in America watching the game, that’s nearly 88% of American adults. Comparatively, only 53% of people plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, Valentine’s Day edges ahead when it comes to spending, with consumers expecting to spend roughly $175 on average vs. $79 for the Super Bowl.

Where can these two events live in harmony? The entertainment? Eh. The food? Maybe. For both, food (and specifically candy for Valentine’s Day) is the #1 type of product purchased. Perhaps friends, families and couples will opt for the ultimate food fest this weekend combining Big Game favs and gourmet chocolates, or even adding Truly Hard Seltzer (which is making a Valentine’s Day push with singles).

Regardless of what happens, the real winners will be those who come together and enjoy each other’s company. Come Monday, we may see a flurry of flower and card–seeking shoppers about (who were previously occupied with finding wings over the weekend). But in the end, I hope that everyone has a happy “Super Valenbowl.”

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Insight & Strategy

Image Source: Unsplash