The Shopper Culture Poll

We recently started polling Shopper Culture visitors about various topics that are relevant to what’s happening in the industry. The poll is intended to be a fun way to see how visitors compare to the rest of the country. One question we asked recently was how much you used certain digital media in your shopping habits. Here are the results:

Online purchases ranked the highest with 87.% of respondents saying that they’ve “Made a purchase online in the past month”. This agrees with a trend that can be seen in the May edition of the The Checkout, which saw a national increase in online shopping of 3% from March. The second most popular digital-shopping application that visitors have used in the past month was “Downloading a coupon,” at 42%. This number also supports a trend from the May Checkout data: Given the recent economy, many shoppers are turning to new shopping behaviors they may have dismissed in the past. Money-saving techniques are being used the most. 45% of people said they have started using more store or manufacturer coupons and 31% have started using internet coupons more often.

An astounding 21% of respondents said that they have used a mobile shopping app in the last month, only 6% of those surveyed in The Checkout said they used their mobile phone as a shopping aid. However, this was a significant increase from March, which indicates a trend toward increased usage of cell phones as shopping tools.

It seems like Shopper Culture visitors are more technologically advanced than the U.S. representative sample from The Checkout data, but it’s interesting to see that we share some of the same sentiments about saving money and shopping convenience as the rest of the country.

The May edition of The Checkout will be available here soon, and don’t to forget to take the Shopper Culture Poll over there on the right hand column of the blog.