The School Of Life, London

Based in London, The School of Life is a new social and cultural enterprise offering good ideas for everyday living through intelligent and playful programs and workshops for adults with enquiring minds.

In this cultural apothecary, unusual products, services, and experiences are available, including holidays, expert guidance sessions, communal meals, and bibliotherapy sessions. Course topics offered include love, politics, family, play, work, and technology. Courses are devised by leading artists, actors, authors and academics.For instance, the current agenda covers subjects as: How to spend time alone? A fry-up with Jack Kerouac. How to stay calm? How to face death? A feast with Epicurus.

The School of Life has recently partnered with Ovi by Nokia in developing a new Carpe Diem phone app that encourages looking at the world in an inquisitive and playful way. Upon activation, Carpe Diem sends you a daily lesson ranging from the witty and light hearted, to thought-provoking and motivational. Each lesson also comes with a task, such as taking a photo or sharing some lines of text. Responses to tasks can be posted online at and compared with submissions by other members of the Carpe Diem community.

-Contributed by Sonia Ratto, Integer Paris