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The Recipe Cards, Season 1 Episode 1: How To Rock A Seasonal Event

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

It’s always a challenge to create a disruptive seasonal event. Among shoppers’, retailers’ and brands’ agendas, how do you find the sweet spot and create a program that will excite retailers and shoppers and significantly boost sales?

For its summer promotion in 2014, Coty’s Rimmel brand disrupted the conventions of the beauty category by promoting an upscale London look, targeting young Millennial women, who seek products with attitude. These Millennial women are more likely to make impulse purchases when products are associated with a place they perceive as stylish and cool, like London, and they are looking for new styles in summer to complement their tan.

Recipe for approaching a seasonal program:

  • Profile your shopper in a disruptive way. What is he/she thinking, feeling, and doing during this specific moment of the year?
  • List the triggers and things that correlate with the season for the shopper, the retailer, and the brand.
  • Identify conventions and generate new ideas.
    Photo Source: Path to Purchase
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