The Receipt: A Last(ing) Impression

When is the last time your receipt surprised you? Intrigued you? Helped you? Delighted you?

The receipt is essentially the last impression a store makes on a shopper. And mostly, that impression is technical, disorganized, and unappealing.

Lately, receipts are crammed with extras: requests for surveys, sweepstakes, other offers, points balances, etc. But mostly it’s more fine print–literally.

What if a receipt embodied the store’s brand, right down to the color, font and messaging? What if it entertained (like this Puma Store 8-bit fun)? What if it informed (like this Burgerville nutritional info)? What if it provoked a giggle (like this Dunkin’ Donuts message)?

The lowly receipt is such a missed opportunity to make a lasting impression. And we know from research that the last impression is often the lasting one.