The Power of Showrooming…Online

I hate to admit it, but I am not a huge fan of online shopping. Especially when it comes to housewares. I need to be able to see and envision everything in action. And that’s whyI love IKEA. Though it overwhelms some shoppers, I thrive. I enjoy everything from the blue, tarp bags to the systematic list making (with those tiny pencils) and the chaotic marketplace. I especially like the showrooms—and pretending I live in each room! I find them to be pleasantly prescriptive and also inspiring, which makes it easier for me to go from considering something to buying it.

So, that’s why I don’t even think to spend much time on or buy anything from—that is, until now. Ikea’s interactive online catalogue brings the showrooms to my couch. Rather than sift through webpage after webpage of dressers, the catalogue suggests entire collections of products for my bedroom based on everything from my personal style to my sleeping habits. Buying on might not end with a plate of Swedish meatballs or $1 soft-serve, but it’s a treat with this new functionality. It may even make me shop more frequently now that their showrooms are only a click away. Take it for a whirl! Do you think it’s a better way to shop online?