The Power of Mood Marketing

It’s no secret that humans are emotional creatures and that moods can oftentimes influence shopping behavior. In fact, a recent trip to Whole Foods reminded me of how powerful feelings can be while shopping. In this instance, a specific kombucha drink grabbed by attention because of it’s promise of a “clear mind”. While this wasn’t necessarily a functional benefit the beverage could offer, it’s name was enough in that moment to convince me to purchase. It was an aspirational feeling that I of course wanted—I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a clear mind?

As I walked back to the office, this purchase got me thinking about other successful marketing tactics that focused on aspirational shopper moods. Snickers was easily the first brand that came to mind, as they have successfully positioned the candy as a remedy for feeling hangry. They’ve even recently released a “Hungerithm” that prices the product based on the internet’s mood in real-time.

Glade also used people’s feelings to market a new line of products in their Museum of Feelings by creating associations between experiences and specific scents. At the end of the experience, one of the rooms measured the “mood” of the city based on social media. Visitors could then take selfies and purchase scented products based on that mood.

Whether it is a product name or a sensory experience, how can brands and retailers leverage shopper moods to drive purchases?

Photo Source: Brew Dr. Kombucha