The Perfect Fit

Online shopping has its pros and it’s cons. While it offers shoppers ease, it can also instill a sense of uncertainty—especially when it comes to clothing. With fit and style being primary drivers, shoppers find themselves compensating with behaviors like ordering more than they need and relying on returns to ensure a pleasant experience. While returns make shoppers feel secure, they can be detrimental to retailers.

One in five online stores have tightened up their returns and refund policy amid the rise of ‘serial returners’ who generate huge costs and savage profits. But some brands are finding alternative solutions.

Nike‘s new app ‘Nike Fit’ aims to drastically improve traditional feet-measuring by using 13 data collection points across the foot and pairing it with machine learning to ensure the best fit for online shoppers – all from the comfort of your home. This new app overcomes one of the major shopper issues when buying shoes online and serves the self-purpose of reducing costly returns.

Rather than tightening return policies, how can brands help fix shopper’s biggest issue when buying clothes online? Knowing that it fits.

Contributed By: Lucas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash