The Other CPG—Considered Purchase Goods

While there is significant insight data on CPG because of the frequency of the buy, there is very little on more considered, big-ticket items because of the gap between purchases (weekly vs. monthly vs. annually vs. every five years). BUT…these other CPGs (Considered Purchase Goods) share MORE SIMILAR BEHAVIORS than you might think. As part of Integer’s Complex Shopper research– which investigated how people shop for big-ticket purchases – we looked at behaviors or attitudes that are consistent no matter the frequency or size of the purchase.


The new normal has changed the importance of VALUE to a shopper. Now, saving money, even if it takes more time (more consideration), is a priority. A HUGE PRIORITY. From July to September 2012, nearly half of our respondents had reduced the number of items they buy, AND THEY SHIFTED FROM CREDIT TO CASH…saving up for that item is another form of consideration.You want to make sure that you are not forgotten while they are waiting to buy.

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