The New Meaning of “Live”

From live streaming to in-the-moment experiences, “live” has taken on a broad meaning when it comes to content consumption. Many of today’s shoppers seek out experiences rather than physical items, and marketers are faced with the challenge of delivering those experiences in relevant, engaging ways. While these experiences are created both online and off, technology is starting to play a larger role. Over the past few years, we’ve seen all the major social media hubs beef up their live capabilities in attempts to create experiential user engagement.

Brands and retailers are taking advantage of these growing capabilities. They’re also creating branded experiences of their own outside the social media realm through VR and immersive branded content. Doing so will be increasingly important as the spending power of experience-loving Generation Z grows. The technological options for reaching audiences through experiences continue to expand, giving brands, retailers, and shoppers more experience-centric options than ever before.

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Image Source: Business Insider