The New Community Store

Nike has just opened its first “Live” store that merges a brick-and-mortar location with its online community. The store will strongly integrate its membership platform NikePlus and shoppers using, using location based data from users close-by to inform what products to stock, allowing users to reserve products for in-store or trial or pick-up. The app also allows direct communication with in-store staff to ask for tips, reservations or any other questions.

While localizing stores and embedding them within a community’s codes and language is nothing new, Nike takes it a step further by fusing digital, local community data into its physical store. They also remove friction buying online and create a closer connection to the store, using a similar concept Harvey Nichols uses to connect online buyers to in-store staff in real-time.

Nike’s newest hybrid store opens a new chapter in the dynamics between eCommerce and brick & mortar stores. It connects online brand communities, which often existed more for brand building and data gathering purposes, to physical retail stores, strengthening the feeling of community and personalization along the whole shopper journey. The answer does not lie in either brick & mortar or e-commerce, rather it is a purposeful and frictionless combination of both.

Contributed By:Lukas Quittan, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash