The Journal Of Marketing At Retail

In late 2011 the industry organization Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), The Global Association for Marketing at Retail, launched an industry focussed Journal called the Journal of Marketing at Retail (JMAR). The intent of this is to to be ‘A Global Resource of Research and Reviews’. Twice a year, the Journal willpublish some of the latest and greatest thinking in the retail and shopper marketing worlds.

As POPAI state on their site, the editorial objectives of JMAR are:

1 – to advance knowledge and practice of the marketing at retail medium, and

2 – to serve as a bridge between the scholarly and the practical, each of which has a vital stake in what’s happening on the other side.

The editorial board of the Journal is made up of an international group of leading academics who review papers submitted for publication. Clickhereto learn more about the Journal and to subscribe to your bi-annual copy.

The first issue of the second volume will soon be released and The Integer Group has its first paper published within. You can download a copy of our paper, entitled “Shopping Lists: A Primary Shopping Tool Where Shoppers Engage With
Retailers, Products, And Brands To Help Manage Buying Decisions
here or from our white paper section.

We are extremely pleased to be associated with JMAR, and please look out for more research papers from us in future issues.