The Interconnectivity of Our Smart World

“Related to items you’ve viewed…”

“You may also like…”

“Top picks for you…”

These are just a few of the phrases shoppers encounter when browsing the web as online retailers use data and technology to deliver a hyper-personalized shopping experience. Online retailers are also providing convenience through offerings like two-day shipping and one-click ordering. Shoppers are growing accustomed to this level of personalization and convenience.

As a result, brick-and-mortar retailers are working to meet shopper expectations by adding technology to their stores. For example:

  • Walmart is testing robotic shopping carts that scan shopping lists and lead shoppers to the corresponding items.
  • Lowe’s is using augmented reality to create an in-store navigation app.
  • Fashion label Rebecca Minkoff is leveraging RFID and digital touch screens in its high-tech dressing rooms.

These tech-driven in-store innovations show no sign of slowing down as shoppers grow more receptive to technology. They also provide retailers with an opportunity to collect shopper data and use it to enhance the in-store shopping experience. As technology continues to make its way in-store, how will the shopping journey change?

To read more about this and the examples noted above, download our white paper, 10 Years in Shopper Culture, here.

Image Source: Chain Store Age