The Future of Shopper Marketing Is Commerce Marketing

The conventions of shopping have been disrupted. Everyone is a shopper. At all hours, day and night. In every imaginable place. So, as marketers we must take the labels we’ve latched onto for so long and throw them out the window.

Commerce marketing is the undeniable future of shopper marketing—if not its present.

Integer’s CEO, Mike Sweeney speaks to the reality of commerce marketing in a byline article in Adweek this week–“The Future of Shopper Marketing Is Commerce Marketing.”

He notes that “Shoppers are moving seamlessly between online and offline shopping behaviors, traditional and ecommerce. At the same time, consumers and shoppers have become one and the same. The lines between borders, cultures and audiences are in near-constant flux. We must continue to evolve our capabilities as marketers, and build, grow and advance our clients’ organizations with them.”

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