The Future Of Sales Staff—Holograms!

We all know the important role sales staff can play in-store, but ensuring they are informed and educated about product offerings has often proved difficult. When we first saw this holographic sales tool last year we were immediately excited by the possibilities. Now, London’s Luton Airport has rolled out holographic staff members to remind passengers of critical necessities as they approach security checks (laptops, liquids, etc.).

While the information delivered is relatively benign, delivering it in a dynamic way may get people to take note, and, in turn, speed up the security process. The outcome is a more pleasant experience at the airport and an uptick in passenger preference for the airport. If nothing else, they’ll get points for the cool factor.

A question remains: would shoppers prefer a live body for candid, if often uninformed feedback, or would they prefer a brand expert in the form of a hologram? In the end, it depends on the target. But; if executed properly, the holographic sales rep could prove a very useful ally in delivering brand messages in years to come.

– Contributed byMichelle O’Leary, Integer Paris